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RilEntertainment was founded by Orlando Chapman Sr. in July, 2012. RilEntertainment specializes in 30 and over Old School Parties, concerts and social events.  Founder, Orlando "Lando" as he is called on the Old School scene, has successfully figured out a unique formal way to connect, engage and entertain the 30 and over community.  Lando's Old School Happy Hour in Cincinnati, Ohio is the livest daytime party in the Midwest.  This event sees upwards of 700-1000 patrons every friday for the last 5 years.  RilEntertainment has had the honor of hosting the Old School Block Party, an event partnered with The Cincinnati Music Foundation to pay homage to James Brown's historic King Records.  RilEntertainment has serveral signature annual events that socially and economically connect communities and people across the nation.  We are a brand slated for The Old School in you, let us Entertain You.


RilEntertainment's goal is to provide entertainment with a purpose for a forgotten audience.  We pride our idealism with purpose and nostaligia.  In the years to come, we plan to expose and elevate as well as preserve the Old School scene.  Classic can not be reinvented only duplicated, RilEntertainment has been elected guardians to an era of events from the past that deserves to be preserved for the people who appreciate it.



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